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Air Cork Wine Preserver with Spare Balloons

Air Cork Wine Preserver with Spare Balloons

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New, innovative air cork wine balloon wine preserver that seals at wine level.This as seen on Shark Tank Air Cork wine preserver has a 100% air tight seal. Includes air cork device, storage pouch, spare balloon and instructions. 

Extend the life of an opened bottle of wine with the Air Cork Wine Preserver. Simply place uninflated balloon into the open bottle and gently pump it full of air. Expansion of the balloon makes an air tight seal allowing your wine to last much longer than a corked bottle full of oxidizing air.

Includes Air Cork and 2 Spare Balloons.

Do you ever want just one glass of wine, but worry that the rest will be wasted unless you finish the bottle? You need the Air Cork.

Why the Air Cork Works:

  • Air Cork is intuitive, simple, and easy to use.
  • It just plain works. It provides an airtight seal no matter how much wine is left in the bottle.
  • You can see that it’s working from outside of the bottle.
  • NO MORE: Pumping to try to create a ‘vacuum’ and losing beautiful aromatics.
  • NO MORE: Gas on or in your wine.
  • NO MORE: Pouring into smaller bottles to try to eliminate excess air.
  • NO MORE: Freezing and thawing wine.
UPC CODE: 850014003029

Manufacturer Part Number: ACWP

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