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American Oak 5 Liter Barrel with Corporate Logo (set of 12)

American Oak 5 Liter Barrel with Corporate Logo (set of 12)

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Includes a set of 12 company logo 5 liter barrels with custom wooden barrel stand, bung, spigot and storing tablets. 

This branded distillery American Oak Barrel is laser engraved with your logo or personalized message. Make and age your own spirits at home with the American Oak Barrel Whiskey Making Kit. Select from many spirit selections to complete the barrel into an aging Rum Making Kit, Vodka Making Kit, Bourbon Making Kit and more!

This handcrafted 5 Liter barrel is made from top quality oak staves using the same oak the well known American distilleries use. Made in the USA in Virginia by skillful barrel makers. 

Enjoy flavoring and aging spirits at home with the American Oak Barrel. Taste test the barrel contents weekly to master your spirit making skills and pallet. The barrel's medium-charred oak will instill aromatic qualities and tongue teasing flavors of oak and your essence of choice. 

Purchase Liquor Essence Bottles to complete the aging oak barrel kit.

Make your own Whiskey, Rum, Bourbon.... you name it!  Create your very own premium spirits aged to perfection with the personalized oak barrel. Alcohol not Included.

Barrels have a medium char and come with the laser burned design with barrel personalization, wooden barrel stand, bung, wooden spigot and storing tablets. 

Company Logo American Oak Barrels 5 Liter (set of 12)

Recreate the taste of your favorite famous brand liquor with the aging oak barrel and barrel accessories. Barrels are handcrafted for the brewer, home wine maker, or distller and make a lovely addition to your home decor. 

This Company Logo American Oak Barrel is perfect for aging Wine, Beer, Tequila, Brandy, Whiskey, Scotch, Bourbon, Rum, Cognac, or any spirit that benefits from aging. Wine and Beer aging may require an airlock bung combination.

Oak barrels are made with no use of glue or nails. 

How the make your own Spirits Making Kit works:

Start by curing your barrel (see instructions). Pour most of a 750ml bottle of 40% alc./vol. grain alcohol, neutral vodka, or swish alcohol and 3/4 cups of granulated sugar into the barrel. Add 1 bottle of Liquor Essence and fill the barrel with the remaining alcohol. SHAKE WELL to mix thoroughly. It's best when aged for 2 or more weeks, but if you cant wait? Drink now or age to taste!

Liquor Making Supplies Included with Barrel:

  • American White Oak Barrel with option of barrel stand 
  • Bung
  • Laser Inscribed Design with your custom personalized details
  • Spigot 
  • Storing Tablet
  • Alcohol Not Included. 

Spirit making essences purchased separately.

Personalized Oak Barrel Stand & Custom Options

Because of natural variations of wood, the overall appearance of the inscription will vary slightly.


Whiskey Making Kit Barrel Dimensions:

5 Liter 9.5  x 6.5  x 6.5 inches

Each Aging Barrel is charred (toasted) to a medium depth char to just crack the wood so that the oak and liquid will have a joyful romance. 


Email logo to info@winevine-imports.com with order number in subject line. Please expect to receive one proof for your approval. 

Manufacturer Part Number: JOSE_Cuervo_Custom_Stand_5_Liter

Custom Stock Status: Usually Ships in 5-10 Days

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