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Bottega del Vino

The art of wine is infinitely sophisticated. Appreciating the beverage is about more than flavor, aroma, and body. In fact, much of the relaxation and enjoyment of wine is in its presentation and the overall sipping experience. That?s why true wine lovers understand the importance of quality glassware in serving the world?s finest reds and whites. The Bottega Del Vino Crystal collection brings you durable, elegant designs in quality lead-free handcrafted crystal. From decanters and stemmed wine goblets to champagne flutes, martini and cognac glasses, the vast selection offers timeless sophistication with a touch of luxury.
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Bottega del Vino Decanter America
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SKU#: SKU2868
Bottega del Vino Magnum Ship's Decanter
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SKU#: SKU2866
Calice Bottega del Vino Chalice Size Decanter
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SKU#: SKU2865