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Do you ever admire the impeccable accuracy and insight of the resident sommelier at your favorite restaurant? How about the dazzling palate of the gal or guy at the local winery? With the right wine education, anyone can attain their level of expertise. Imagine welcoming your friends into your home for an impromptu wine tasting. You pour each visitor a glass, describe its tantalizing aromas, and impress then with your intelligent musings on each and every variety. Sharp notes of citrus and slight undertones of spicy pepper ramble from your lips like the expert you are. But how can this dinner party dream be a reality, you ask? With the full line of Pulltex wine education products, you can be the seasoned sommelier of every wine gathering.
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Pulltex Deluxe Wine Essences Collection - 40 Piece Set
(1 reviews)  
SKU#: SKU8891
Bilbo - Cleaning Beads
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: SKU9174
Pulltex Glass Taste Vin
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: fr2602
Pulltex Red Wine Essences Collection - 12 Piece Set
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: SKU2459