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Custom Humidors

Fine cigars are like fine wines, they taste better when kept in the perfect storage conditions and get better with age. A personal humidor provides the perfect amount of humidity to keep cigars fresh, while they age gracefully in a protected space. Personal humidors are an attractive addition to a home den, office, or luxury automobile. Your custom humidor is small enough to fit just about anywhere and yet holds enough cigars to always have a favorite cigar close at hand.
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6 Piece Carbon Fiber Design Humidor Set
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Monogram Cherry Wood Cigar Humidor
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Personalized Cherry Wood Humidor
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SKU#: BY-C422

The construction of the best personal humidors uses superb solid woods that are exotic and rare, such as cherry wood or mahogany. For the best protection of the cigars, the interior lining of the humidor is cedar wood. Personal humidors come with a hygrometer that shows the humidity level to tell when it is time to add more water that helps keep the cigars moist and fresh. This method of keeping cigars helps create the perfect flavor and smooth smoking that cigar aficionados highly desire.


Some personal cigar humidors have a glass top to allow viewing the contents inside. These humidors come in various sizes that start with holding a dozen cigars and go up in capacity to the double-sized humidors that hold up to 150 cigars.


Your guests will be impressed when offered a cigar from your personal stash of the finest ones that you keep as treasures in these beautiful personal humidors. It is a time-honored tradition to offer an expensive cigar to a guest. Many a huge deal that creates superb financial success closes with the shared enjoyment of smoking a fine cigar together with your friends and business associates.


A wonderful story is how the marvelous comedian, George Burns felt about his cigars. Cigars were his trademark. He smoked up to fifteen per day. He certainly would have benefited from having a personal humidor to keep a nice supply of fresh cigars on hand. He lived to be one-hundred years old. His final wish was for burial with three of his favorite cigars. What a terrific life he had and what a way to go!