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Clef Du Vin in Black Wood Gift Box

Clef Du Vin in Black Wood Gift Box

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What if you could age your glass of wine five years in just five seconds?

This revolutionary European wine accessory actually accelerates the aging process ONE YEAR PER SECOND by releasing the harsh tannin and acidity and enhancing the actual wine product!

Precious metals, which are made in France, is embedded into the tip of the Clef du Vin and reacts to the preservatives within the wine. 

Backed by 10 years of scientific research and development, this amazing product's ONE YEAR PER SECOND calibration has been tested at the University of Bordeaux and found to be 100% accurate. 

It's completely safe and effective because NOTHING is introduced into the wine - The wine simply reacts to the embedded metals and ages in seconds instead of years!

Accelerate the aging process of wine instantly. "Clef du Vin is the hottest...accessory on the tasting circuit" Time Magazine.

Accelerate the aging process of wine instantly. How does it work?

The secret is the patented metal alloy. This unique metal alloy gradually modifies the wine’s properties (ie. Taste, smell, and structure) by accelerating oxidation. Each second the alloy is dipped into wine is the equivalent of one year of aging.

Note that the Clef Du Vin will not improve a wine with no aging potential. This product is 100% safe, is a scientifically-designed measuring device made from a mix of precious metals, and for all wines. Take the guesswork out of collecting with this invaluable tool.

The individual Clef Du Vin is presented in a handsome black wooden case.

It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3… Using the Clef Du Vin is incredibly simple and consists of 3 easy steps…

1. Pour yourself a glass of wine, taste and memorize.

2. Dip the patented metal alloy on the tip for one second, taste and compare results. Each second is equal to one year of aging.

3. Repeat step 2 until the wine reaches the phase that you enjoy the most.

* Red wines will see the tannin becoming softer, and their roundness being expressed.

* The acidity of dry white wines will be reduced, revealing the subtle flavors of the fruit.

* With sweet white wines expect an explosion of flavors in your mouth!

Manufacturer: Franmara

UPC CODE: 73705048073

Manufacturer Part Number: 4807

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