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Sunday afternoon. The weather outside is dreadful but your living room, which currently hosts your weekly poker game, is a refuge of warmth and congeniality. Your friends are engrossed in the hands they were dealt. Your hand is barren, only low cards and not a pair in sight. Fold? Not you. You boldly raise and then reach for the alligator on the side table, removing the wine bottle that the brilliantly colored sculpture held at ready. Quips are traded as the wine flows and the pot grows. The final card is dealt and you almost choke on a mouthful of excellent vintage when you realize that your lowly hand can make a Straight. You draw on all your composure as a host and wine connoisseur and go All In. Your friends eye you suspiciously but the wine has lulled them. They match you. Smiling, you flip over your cards. Their fate is sealed. The pot is yours'. The flamingo stopper atop the wine seems to nod in approval of your bold strategy. You refill your friends' glasses to ease the sting of defeat and top up your own to celebrate your victory.


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Cat Metal Wine Bottle Holder
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SKU#: DFA1867

Drop by our Deco Breeze metal wine holders and stoppers collection and take in the color! At WineVine Imports, we offer a selection of steel sculptures that offer a balance of beauty and functionality to your home or patio. The first thing you'll notice in this collection is their warmth. Metal can look 'cold' but the gorgeous jewel tones on the Deco Breeze items are anything but. Each animal sculpture, whether bird, beast, or more exotic items is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The wrought steel offers feathers, whiskers, and even wheels! These accessories pull double duty as irresistible conversation pieces and a gift to jazz up any home. Our bottle holders allow the glass to of the bottle itself to peek through, letting light play in both the colorful steel and the rich, sunset hues of the wine encased within. Our metal bottle stoppers come with a durable rubber gasket and are easy to grasp and remove. Delight guests and light up a room with Deco Breeze.