Edison Decanter

Edison Decanter

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The unique, innovative, and modern Edison Decanter is designed to maximize air circulation, resulting in enhanced flavors, open aromas, and a smooth finish. The elegant and sleek design makes it a beautiful way to present wine at a tasting or dinner party. 

Edison Wine Decanter Details:  


  • Ideal Capacity: 750mL
  • Maximun Capacity: 1.5L
  • Hand wash only 


Wine Decanter Decanting involves pouring the wine out of the bottle into another container. The purpose of this is to separate the wine from the sediment which has collected at the bottom of the bottle. This lets the wine breathe in order to enhance its flavor. When you are about to drink red wine, you should let it breath since air brings out its aroma. Letting the wine breathe also allows any bad chemical compounds to evaporate.

Color: 18/10 Brushed Stainless Steel

Specs/Warranty: Specs / Warranty Info

UPC CODE: 28588018194

Manufacturer Part Number: 301819

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