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Designer Wine Glasses

Imagine you have a friend who loves to shop (this can't be all that difficult), and you always have a hard time picking things for her come her birthday. Maybe she's always adding fun new objects around her home, and every time you go over you feel relaxed and uplifted by all the beauty around you (with the added benefit of not being the one to have to dust and maintain all that stuff.) If you want to add to her collection, etched wine glasses are a fantastic gift to get her which will look beautiful in her china cabinet or just sitting on her equally stylish table or counter.
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You Are My Person Stemless Wine Glasses
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SKU#: SU258

There are many wine lovers in the world, and few things can be more relaxing than getting home after an extremely long day at work, pouring yourself a glass, breathing the rich scent in and just taking a few sips as you start to feel your muscles unclench. Wine stimulates your senses and especially helps us start to remember that there is life outside of work. Of course, you can't just pour that wine into any old cup. You need a proper glass which will showcase the color, give you room to swirl so the wine can breathe and feel elegant in your hand. Our collection gives you a variety of simple designs you can choose from, so you can pick your passion (or the passion of someone you love.) Etchings not only give you something to look at while you drink, but also give the glass texture. Guests will marvel at how unique it is to have these hand-etched wine glasses. Check out the many designer glassware listings that we have on our pages, and we're sure you'll find one that's perfect for you.