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World famous Riedel Crystal and Bottega Del Vino Wine Glasses. The finest crystal wine glasses with a lip feel you can't get enough of!

Ravenscroft Crystal Stemware
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Bottega del Vino Crystal
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Riedel Crystal Stemware

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Weinland Gift Set: 27 oz. Decanter & 2 All Purpose Wine Glasses
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SKU#: SKU2927
Are you always struggling to find that perfect present for mom, dad, or your wine-loving friend? For the wine drinker who seems to have everything, stick with a gift that offers a taste of luxury. Treat them in style with a decanter and set of premium glasses made of beautiful handcrafted crystal. Or, perhaps your own bar is lacking the elegance you desire. To impress family and friends, invest in a pretty?but resilient?set of stemmed wine glasses in your ideal shape. When guests take a sip of wine from these gorgeous vessels, it?ll taste better than ever.