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Stemless Glasses

Stemless wine glasses come in all shapes and sizes. Some have engravings, while others stand out with their etched or painted design. It's not just the way they look that attracts so many people to them. Wine drinkers feel that most of these tumblers are easier to hold and in most cases, won't tip over as easy as the old fashioned stemmed wine glasses. Stemless glasses provide the perfect solution for people who are accident prone. Wine glasses with stems tend to get knocked over rather easily. If this frequently happens to you, then you are going to love stemless glasses as they are much more difficult to break and offer a better grip. This is great for the finances as you won't have to replace as many glasses.
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You're The Cat's Meow Stemless Wine Glasses (set of 4)
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You've Cat To Be Kitten Me Stemless Wine Glasses (set of 4)
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The stemless wine glass does not have to be used only for wine. It is versatile enough to hold any beverage of choice. Your kids are going to love this. Have you ever had situations where your kids always want to emulate what you do? They don't want to feel left out at parties or other events. Usually, you drink wine out of a stemmed wine glass and the kids have to use other types of glass for their beverage. Now, you and your kids can all use stemless wine glasses which will make everyone happy. This versatility doesn't stop at the type of beverage, either. Wine Tumblers can be used to hold candles or a bouquet of small flowers, which is perfect for placing them on the porch for you and your neighbors to enjoy. If your stemless glasses are part of a set, you could even put them on display inside the breakfront in the dining room. Another use could be to fill them with decorative rocks and place them on top of the mantlepiece in the family room. Although some people may have an issue with this, stemless wine glasses could even be used as a home for goldfish! The possibilities are truly endless and limited only by your imagination!