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Handled Captain's Crystal Wine Decanter

Handled Captain's Crystal Wine Decanter

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Like all ship decanters, the Handled Captains Decanter has a broad base, originally used to prevent tipping on the rolling waves. Now, that broad base is used to enhance the notes of your favorite wine! A handle swoops around the neck of the decanter to make pouring smooth and simple.
Handcrafted in Europe from the most brilliant 100% lead-free crystal.

Height: 10 in. Width: 10 in. Capacity: 57 oz.

Unique wine decanter with crystal handle attached to the decanter. Elegant curves are not only pleasant to look at but help aerate the wine as it is poured into the neck of the decanter.

Handmade, Lead-free Crystal for Fine Wines & Spirits

Ravenscroft Crystal is the embodiment of old-world European craftsmanship and a modern understanding of how the composition and shape of a wine glass can significantly enhance the tasting experience. Our designs, developed out of the deepest respect for great wine, are hand crafted in nearly 30 different styles. Each style is the result of thousands of years of glass making trial-and-error, and is individually crafted to enhance both the bouquet and taste of the wine or spirit for which it was made. Ravenscroft’s delicate, light to the touch, and perfectly formed stemware control the bouquet and deliver the essence of the wines and spirits to the proper zones of the palate.

Option to Personalize Wine Decanter.

UPC CODE: 871661001282

Manufacturer Part Number: W4245

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