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Picture yourself curled up in the den with a leatherbound volume of your favorite classic as you unwind after a long day. What's missing from the picture? A coaster to cradle your glass while you roll the flavor of single malt over your tongue. Perhaps you're throwing a dinner party. Your guests seem to be enjoying themselves, but what will they talk about the next day? Your skills as a host, or the unsightly rings left by the wine bottle? Don't abuse your magazines by turning them into makeshift wine coasters – invest in the real thing, impeccably crafted to be easily cleaned and last for years to come. Whether your drink of choice is whiskey, wine, craft beers, or something more exotic, the right drink coaster will frame make these beverages and make them the centerpiece of the table. WineVine Imports can help you transform a simple life pleasure into an extraordinary experience.

Italian Marble Coasters
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White Enamel Snowflake Wine Cork Trivet
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William Morris Coaster
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Wine Corks Marble Coasters
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Wine Marble Coasters
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Wino Marble Coasters
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At WineVine Imports, we have assembled a selection of drink coasters that let you protect your fine furniture in style. They come at a variety of price points to fit any need. What's your decorating sensibility? There are gorgeous marble coasters that would elevate a romantic Provence theme. Do you prefer a more austere, classic look? Stainless steel, pewter, glass or silver-plated coasters will blend in with your serene, minimalist home while still offering complete functionality. There are also eco-friendly options such as classic cork and lightweight yet durable bamboo. If you have a playful streak, consider one of our whimsical holiday- and vacation-themed and flip flop coasters. These colorful choices make excellent party favors and conversation starters. Whether you're ensconced at home or planning a themed destination wedding or seeking a personalized coaster set, our coasters will protect your furniture and enhance the decor in style.