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You glance up as you pour yourself a glass of full-bodied Merlot, peering at the towel hanging from your wooden towel rack. It's a plush towel?a cotton and polyester blend?and depicts bottles of red and white wine alike. As you finish pouring the Merlot and place an ornate glass stopper in the bottle to preserve the rest, you try to picture the vineyards in which the grapes grew to make up your Merlot. The bottle reads 2001 California Merlot across the front in what looks like real calligraphy. You close your eyes and try to picture sunny northern California vineyards, complete with rows upon rows of lush green vines with plump purple grapes dangling off of them. You take a sip of your glass of Merlot as you imagine strolling through the hundreds of sun-kissed rows with a basket, sampling the grapes to check if they're ready to be picked and placed into barrels. Yep, they're definitely ready, you think as you imagine popping one into your mouth.

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A Meal Without Wine Dishtowel
StemGrip Dishwasher Wine Glass Rack
Brass Bottle Wick Wine Bottle Candle
Grape Oil and Vinegar Set
Metal Hanging Stemware Rack
Personalized Wine Barrel Lazy Susan
Personalized Wood Bottle Peppermill, Bordeaux Dark Finish
3-Tier Square Metal Display
Barrel Photo Holder or Place Card Holder (Set of 16)
Personalized 14 Inch Lazy Daisy Susan
Shut the Duck Up Martini Towel
Family Name Slate Cheese Tray
Hanging Mahogany Wine Glass Rack
Lazy Susan made from French Wine Barrel Staves
Marina the Mermaid Slate and Bamboo Serving Tray
Personalized Chateau Bottle Peppermills (set of 2)
Spiegelau IPA glass (set of 6)
Stainless Steel Snowflake Cork Trivet
Vintage Oak Hanging Wine Glass Rack
We Only Serve Fine Wines Ceramic Trivet
Wine Bottle Tealight Solid (set of 4)
Wine Cork Lazy Susan Kit
3 Wooden Displays Stands with Marble Tops
Acrylic Buffet Plates with Wine Glass Holder (set of 36)
Addison Floral Tea for One Set by Pinky Up
Addison Pink and Gold Tea for One Set by Pinky Up
Addison Polka Dot Tea for One Set by Pinky Up
Age Doesn't Matter Artisan Wood Board
Age Gets Better With Wine Dishtowel
All Better With Age Cheese Board with Slicer
Ambrosia Personalized Lazy Susan, 20"
Artisan Tiger Wooden Maple Lazy Susan
Artisan Weathered Oak Wood Lazy Susan
Artisan Wood Abstract Square Lazy Susan
Artisan Wood Geo Flower Lazy Susan
Artisan Wood Natural Maple Lazy Susan
Artisan Wood Nested Squares Lazy Susan
Artisan Wood Tobacco Brown Maple Lazy Susan
Artisan Wood Wavy Strips Lazy Susan
Assorted Butterfly Stemless Wine Glasses (set of 4)
Assorted Eastern Wildlife Beer Mugs
Assorted Eastern Wildlife DOF Glasses (set of 4)
Assorted Eastern Wildlife Stemless Wine Glasses (set of 4)
Assorted Leaf Botanicals DOF Glasses (set of 4)
Assorted Leaf Botanicals Stemless Wine Glasses (set of 4)
Assorted Leaf Botanicals Stemmed Wine Glasses (set of 4)
Barrel Head Bistro Serving Tray
Beehive Flour Sack Towel Set
Bejeweled Chrome Serving Tray with Rhinestones
Believe Reindeer Artisan Wood Board
Believe Reindeer Slate Cheese Server
Believe Reindeer Stemmed Wine Glasses (set of 4)
Bicycle Built for Three Wine Drinkers Towel
Bless The Food Acacia Long Board Bread Plank
Blue Martini Trivet, Round
Born To Fish Beer Mugs (set of 4)
Born To Fish Stemless Wine Glasses (set of 4)
Born To Hunt Beer Mugs (set of 4)
Born To Hunt Stemless Wine Glasses (set of 4)
Bouquet Blanc White Wine Candles (set of 3)

You place your wine glass down in the kitchen next to your lovely oil and vinegar bottles. It's time to pick the perfect cheese to go with your drink. As you walk over to the fridge, it occurs to you that you haven't yet added the cork from your Merlot into your new wine cork trivet. You pick the cork up and scoot it into place, to the right of the cork from the last wine bottle you opened: a tasty bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. You're already planning what bottle of wine you'll drink next—and you grin at yourself, thinking of your love for wine—as you consider what will be placed next to the cork of the Merlot. You walk over to your wooden wine and stemware rack and notice a rich bottle of Pinot Noir on the bottom shelf. It's been a while since you've drank Pinot Noir, so you decide that that's what you'll have to drink next. Thinking again of the cheese, you wonder what might pair the best with Merlot. You open the fridge and immediately see Gouda, and decide that Gouda cheese will go perfectly and label it with a cork place card holder.