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Ceramic and Wine Cork Trivets

Imagine being able to stroll peacefully through an Italian vineyard, graced by the grapes and sipping on some of the finest wine in the world. It is a flavor like you have never experienced before, and as the fresh air touches your skin you know this is the place you never want to leave. Going home does not seem like an option when you are surrounded by such a unique and pleasant atmosphere. Sounds nice right? If only you could transport yourself to that vineyard anytime you wanted. It is possible; with the correct decor you can make your kitchen feel like the most magical place in the world. Trivets are the perfect way to make a sophisticated decoration that can truly help make you feel like you have successfully made it to that beautiful Italian vineyard.
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Made from ceramic, plastic, and metal; trivets are the perfect accessory for those who want a rustic, romantic, and soft look from their kitchen or even another room in their home. A trivet allows you to display wine corks in ways that no one else has thought of before. Each arrangement is completely unique and allows for individual variation that makes each and every trivet completely a stand-alone piece. Trivets can be used as wall decorations, picture frames, centerpieces, and even drink coasters. Trivets add that little flair to your kitchen while still showing off your personality and bringing your love of fine wine into the spotlight. And, since no trivet is ever exactly the same, you can brag to friends about the remarkable decorations that only you will ever be able to have. They are like nothing you have ever seen before, and for those who like to be not only trend setters, but also stylish and distinct; a trivet may be the next perfect piece to pull off that new look in any room.