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It's Sunday brunch with your circle of friends. You're enjoying a platter of olives and French cheese, paired with a splash of wine. One of your companions moves to throw away the cork, but you quickly stop her and explain that you have another use for it. You pull out a cork cage, half full, and drop the latest treasure in. Your guests crowd closer, curious about this new wine cork decor accessory. That sparks a conversation on what you've collected in this cork cage, a testament to the broad swath of vineyards across the world that you've patronized as a wine and champagne connoisseur. The next week, brunch is at another house and you see they have invested in a wine cork cage holder of their own. You proudly watch as they drop in the first cork of burgeoning collection.
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Sleigh Bottle Holder Cork Cage
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SKU#: 91-046
Wine Barrel Cork Cage
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SKU#: SKU4984
Wine Bottle Cork Cage Table Place Card Holders (set of 4)
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SKU#: SKU4005
Wine Bottle Cork Holder
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SKU#: TF-6331
Wine Cork Holder by True
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SKU#: WC11

Do you have a craft project in mind that could use a few corks? Do you simply like to reminisce about vintages past? Banishing these corks to an empty coffee can risks mold growing in that airless space and, more importantly, wastes an opportunity to transform the corks into an accessory that elevates your home. WineVine Imports offers epic wine cork cages that work with any decorating sensibility: Western themed, Nautical, plants and animals, holiday-inspired cork cages, and even streamlined oversized glass cork holders.


Do you prefer champagne? Once the bubbly's gone, keep the party going by dropping those corks in as our cages work with those stoppers too. When you're ready to retrieve your collection, simply upend the glass style containers or open a handily located hatch on the cage styles. These classy yet practical wine cork art home accessories can stand freely on a table or hang on the kitchen wall conveniently near where you store your bottles, adding a rustic, Provincial element to your living space. Some cork holders can also hold a bottle of wine, and are marked as such in our assortment. These make an unforgettable housewarming gift: present a nice bottle of your favorite vintage, wrapped in an elegant cork cage, and welcome the new homeowners in style.