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Barrel Coffee Tables

Every homeowner and apartment dweller deserves a space dedicated specifically to his wine and spirits collection. Whiskey and wine barrel coffee tables provide the perfect surface and storage compartment for you to place your glasses, bottles, reading materials and other leisurely sundries.


Our wine and whiskey barrel coffee tables provide a high class storage space that is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Each offers ample surface space for everything that you need in your wine or spirit themed room. Some are even built with convenient hinged tops that open up for additional storage space within a beautiful oak wine barrel.
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Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table
'Whiskey Design' Personalized Quarter Barrel Coffee Table
Vintage Oak Barrel Coffee Table
2 Day Designs Round Stave Coffee Table
Barrel Head Coffee Table
Coffee Table with Wine Racks
Copper Classics Bullard Cocktail Table
Game Coffee Table with 6 Game Boards
Indoor / Outdoor Barrel Ring Coffee Table
Personalized Chateau Barrel Head Coffee Table
Personalized Vineyards Barrel Head Coffee Table
Personalized Winery Barrel Head Coffee Table
Reclaimed New Delhi Street Vendor Cart Coffee Table
Reclaimed Wine Barrel Head Coffee Table with Stave Base

Imagine yourself hosting friends from work, neighbors or family members in your living room. You head on over to your wine barrel table, flip open the top and display your wine collection for your guests' pleasure. Everyone lauds your high class taste and appreciation for the finer things in life. You survey your small crowd and settle on a bottle of Chablis that has been chilled to the perfect temperature. Compare this luxurious scenario to trudging on over to your kitchen or musty basement and searching for your wine bottles.


Our lovely wine barrel tables truly have the potential to revolutionize the aesthetic and feel of your living space. Your wine and whiskey coffee barrel table empowers you to centrally locate your wine and spirits collection in the section of your home where you entertain guests. This way, everyone can admire your taste in wines and nobody will ever have to leave the room for a refill. It is the perfect centerpiece for your living room, dining room or man cave.