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With old hard wood and a beautiful polish, these old wine barrels have been turned into beautiful wine barrel furniture. Stools of various heights with different kinds of tops; bistro tables that can allow half dozen people to gather around, a side table, or a full wine barrel on casters that has been turned into a cabinet. The only limitation for what can be made with these beautiful old wine barrels is a person’s imagination.

Barrel Coffee Tables
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Wine Stave Stool with Leather Top 32 Inch Chocolate
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Wine Stave Stool with Leather Top 32 Inch Tan
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Wine barrel stools are made with the natural curves of wine barrel staves that have steel wheels with spokes attached near the bottom as a foot rest, these stools and have unique and beautiful tops made with a variety of natural materials.  These stools can come with leather tops that look somehow rustic and elegant at the same time; or they have wooden tops that carry the wood theme of the stool from bottom to top.  These stools are solid and comfortable and can work at an existing bar, or as a wine barrel bistro table.


A whiskey barrel coffee table can be used to continue the theme with half a wine barrel complete with metal sleeves and a solid top added.  Whether looking for a place to keep track of the remote control or a place to keep wine and whiskey, these tables look both elegant and rustic depending on the surrounding decor.


We also have various side tables, most with shelves for additional storage.  These side tables are great places to put lamps for accent lighting, or as a place to lay drinks while visiting with friends or watching television.  Another table is the bistro table, made from an entire wine barrel with perfectly cut round edge placed over the top to make talking to friends easier as they enjoy a chance to experience what the old west, or even the flapper period of the 20s was like.


The variations on these themes of wine barrel furniture can almost seem limitless.  Check out the design possibilities to see what would work with your own living situation.  Whether finishing a new room, or whether changing the décor of an existing room, this furniture might be just what you’re looking for.