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Wine Barrel Stools, Benches and Chairs

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There are many ways you can choose to decorate your home. A popular addition to many decors are wine barrel stools and chairs. These are not only conversational pieces, but they are unique and you do not find them in many homes. They give a rustic but elegant feel and can complete a look. You will not simply have a wine barrel in your living room or kitchen- these chairs are actually made from parts of the wine barrels. There are several different styles of wine barrel stools available. On this page, you will find gorgeous pieces that are not only functional, but also tell a story.

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Wood Stave Stool with Back and Tan Leather Seat, 28"
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These wine barrel stools or chairs can be used in several places in your home. A common place to put these would be in your kitchen. You can find bar stools that would be perfect if you have a smaller or even large bar area. You can also use a wine barrel chair in your living room as additional seating. Your guests will love the look of these pieces and everyone will enjoy a glass of wine while sitting on a wine barrel stool. If you happen to have a patio area, you may even consider purchasing a wine barrel bench.Take a look around at the inventory and find the right wine barrel chairs for your home.