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Do you have a wedding to go to in your future? A birthday party? Retirement party? Any event at all where you will need to bring a gift? If you do and the recipient is a wine lover or oenophile, the ideal choice for a wine gift could be one of the wine accessories that is made by Le Creuset. Yes, Le Creuset now makes wine accessories as well as all of their other kitchen products. Even if the recipient is a person who is difficult to shop for, the variety of wine accessories that Le Creuset makes means that the only problem you will have is in settling on just one lovely accessory.

So what types of accessories are actually available? All kinds of wine openers, foil cutters, champagne stoppers and travel wine accessories.


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Le Creuset Foil Cutter
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SKU#: SKU4119
Le Creuset LM250L Lever Model Corkscrew and Foilcutter Gift Set
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SKU#: LM250L
Imprinted Le Creuset Foil Cutter with Logo (72 Pieces)
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SKU#: SKU3050

You might go with a bottle of wine as a gift, but that bottle will soon be gone. Another idea is to go with a wine cube that will actually store the wine. Every time the recipient goes to get a bottle of wine, they will think of you when they get their wine out of the very thoughtful wine cube you got them. Once they get the wine from the wine cube and chill it, they will, of course, want to open it. Now, nice bottles of wine have foil on them that needs to be cut to get into the wine. How about a nice foil cutter as a gift? Once the foil is cut, they will then want to open the bottle itself and the perfect way to get that wine bottle open is with a wine opener or corkscrew. You can get your gift recipient either one as a gift but you can also get a tool that has both the cutter and the opener together as a single unit. Moving on, when they are finished with the wine for the day, they will need a crown sealer to close that champagne or wine bottle up.

See, there are myriad options when it comes to finding a gift for that wine lover in your life. Just get them one of the lovely wine accessories that are made by Le Creuset and you will make their day.