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Avid diners know there's nothing as special as a quaint BYO establishment. You enjoy the privilege of drinking your favorite bottle or spirit all while saving precious dollars. But then again, there's nothing quite as tacky as walking through the door with a cheap paper bag or open bottle in tow. Now, you can keep it classy and protect your cherished vintage red or white with a quality leather wine bag from Piel Leather. The entire line of handcrafted leather carriers ensures years of dependable use while you tote your vino in style. If you're looking for an ideal gift idea for the sommelier in your life, consider a unique monogrammed or other personalized piece great for men and women of all ages. Each leather bag upholds the utmost integrity of design, durability, and convenience when it comes to traveling with your beloved bottles.


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Piel Leather Double Deluxe Wine Carrier, Saddle
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Piel Leather Double Deluxe Wine Carrier
(2 reviews)  
SKU#: 2285
Piel Leather Double Wine Tote
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SKU#: D2356
Piel Leather Double Deluxe Wine Carrier, Chocolate
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Piel Leather Single Deluxe Wine Carrier
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SKU#: S2355
Piel Leather Wheeled Traveler
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SKU#: PL2020

Piel Leather specializes in both single and double-capacity designs, making it easy to attend a dinner party or restaurant outing with one easy, discreet carrier. Most bottle bags are fully convertible and feature a removable or foldable divider to accommodate multiple bottles. Choose from a wide selection of easy-to-transport wine cases with convenient handles, over-the-shoulder straps, tote-style grips, and more. Each wine bag includes a fully lined water-resistant interior for ample insulation and protection. Buy one of these treasured staples in every classic leather shade imaginable, from blacks and deep chocolate hues to lighter chestnuts and saddle browns. Piel crafts its bags to fit the classic 750ml wine bottle, and beyond their perfect fit, many totes include convenient hidden compartments for your wine key and other travel essentials. From classic cowhide to genuine buffalo leather, your wine is sure to receive the first-class travel treatment! Next time you' &re invited to a dinner party, remember this. Everyone shows up with a bottle of wine, and almost everyone' &s offering comes in one of those cheap, boring holders. Why not truly show appreciation for their hospitality by gifting a gorgeous personalized Piel leather wine bag? For holidays, birthdays, anytime, and beyond, one of these classic treasures makes an absolutely stunning present that they'll use for many years to come.