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Ravi Instant Red Wine Chiller

Ravi Instant Red Wine Chiller

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Yes, red wine should be served slightly chilled. The Ravi is the perfect solution to instantly chill wine.

Based on a unique and innovative design that chills wine as it is served, the Ravi Instant Red Wine Refresher will cool your wine from room to cellar temperature in seconds ( 72ºF/22ºC to 60ºF/16ºC ), for a smoother taste, enhanced flavor and better bouquet.

We believe serving temperature is the key to maximizing your drinking pleasure! Welcome to the fastest wine refresher on the market. Good for an entire bottle of red wine or for 90 minutes once removed from the freezer.

Ravi Instant Red Wine Chiller

Requires no batteries and can be reused repeatedly for many years of enjoyment.

• Cleans easily and quickly

• Store it conveniently in the freezer so it will always be ready when you are

A corkscrew, a glass and a patch of sun for a picnic are all you need to enjoy a bottle of wine. But what a shame if the wine is lukewarm rather than cool!  The Ravi Instant Wine Chiller is the solution!  You can instantly chill wine with this innovative wine accessory.

Unfortunately, red wines are usually served too warm. The alcohol tends to predominate, concealing the fruit of the wine. As a result, the wine loses its typicity and personality.


Ravi is designed to cool a full bottle of wine served within one hour. The table opposite shows what happens when you place Ravi straight from the freezer on a bottle of red wine at 22 degrees Celsius (72 degrees Farhenheit), or normal room temperature.

Be sure to check out our entire selection of Ravi products.

Manufacturer: Ravi

UPC CODE: 00882870000010

Manufacturer Part Number: RAV1B

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