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Whiskey Barrel Furniture

If you're the type of individual who wants something a little "outside the box" when it comes to decor, you'll find the perfect addition to your home or business establishment with elegantly whimsical whiskey barrel furniture.

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Vintage Whiskey Barrel Irish Pub Table Furniture Set
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SKU#: 1708

Are you seeking that special bit of decorative flair for your home bar, dining room, living room or lounge? Add a bit of eclectic, old-world class with a strikingly unique piece made from gorgeous hand-carved, hand-painted whiskey barrels and parts. Treat yourself to a refreshing update of your space by swapping out boring end tables and chairs with fun, spirit-inspired pieces that bring home a new atmosphere of urban leisure. Not only will your surroundings become instantly more lively, but friends and family will be awed by the rustic, hand-crafted nature of the work.


Each piece features authentic materials like genuine barrel wood, staves and solid metal rings, and is sure to perfectly express your fun-loving-yet-sophisticated personality. Declare your status as a whiskey connoisseur and host unforgettable parties and game nights in a man cave perfectly furnished with real, rugged whiskey-barrel decor. If you're a bar owner or restaurateur, these authentic pieces are just what your establishment needs to complete that warm atmosphere of camaraderie and friendship that so often accompanies the sharing of a great meal and a fine whiskey.  Some products even feature a personalization option, allowing you the creative freedom to develop and purchase the perfect, one-of-a-kind whiskey barrel furniture you dream of by adding your own slogan, quote, family name or business name.