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True connoisseurs know that popping a bottle and swirling the wine in a glass isn’t enough to bring out its potential. If you love drinking wine and want to do your red and whites justice, invest in a quality wine aerator or decanter funnel for optimal taste, aroma, and flavor. As your precious vino decants through the device, you’ll oxygenate the liquid and separate out any pesky cork or sediment before it hits the glass. Whether you’re enjoying an expensive aged red variety, or prefer a clean, crisp affordable white, a wine aerator or decanter funnel is an ideal addition to your bar setup.

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Vinturi White Wine Aerator
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Wine Aerator Table Stand
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Wine Bottle Aerating Stainless Steel Pour Spout
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SKU#: TF-3248
Wine Prism Wine Tasting Glass Stem
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SKU#: SKU9640
Wine Wipes, Mirror Compact with 15 Wipes
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SKU#: SKU3070

Shop our vast collection of single glass and full bottle aerating instruments. From all-in-one stopper pourers to more sophisticated decanting systems, we carry everything for the beginner to advanced sommelier. Wine enthusiasts absolutely adore a unique stemmed glass with built-in aerating funnel. Or, for those looking to impress friends and family, check out a dual-purpose model which cools your beverages while optimizing flavor and texture. Each of our hand-selected decanting gadgets features the finest in sturdy, scratch-resistant glass, highly durable stainless steel, gorgeous pewter, and other quality constructed materials. From small, discreet, portable tools to bartop statement pieces, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your wine diffusing needs.


If you like to entertain a crowd, feel free to show off your wine expertise! With a simple to operate decanter funnel or aerator, you can educate your fellow wine fanatics while serving up a sipping experience full of wonderful aroma and flavor. Imagine this. It’s an early summer night, and you invite your friends over for a typical guy’s or girl’s night. Instead of bothering with a complicated contraption, you can lead the discussion by showcasing the amazing capabilities of your new decanting device. Teach your friends about the importance of oxygenation when it comes to drawing out a wine’s potential, and tell them all about our vast collection of aerating essentials. Not to mention, a quality funneling piece makes the perfect gift for the wine aficionado in your life. Cheers!