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The glory of the first sip comes when you know your wine is chilled to absolute perfection. Both white and red varieties prove more refreshing, crisp, and flavorful when cooled before serving. So, whether you’re entertaining a house full of guests or just love sitting down for a quiet glass in the evening, you should always have a trove of wine chilling accessories at your disposal. From gorgeous centerpiece cooler buckets to individual glass koozies, the Wine Buckets & Cooling Gifts Collection features the perfect refrigerating devices both large and small.

Wine Chiller and Buckets
Wine Chiller and Buckets
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Ice Bag Collapsible Wine Cooler Bag, Yellow
Ice Bag Collapsible Wine Cooler Bag, Clear
Woozie Wine Glass Koozie (Lots of Patterns)
Royal Four Bottle Welded Compartment Wine Cooler
Vino Hug Neo - Pink Wine Glass Koozie
Festive Four-Bottle Stainless Steel Wine Cooler with Heavy Duty Lid
Triomphe Wine Cooler 18/10 Stainless Steel with Stand (2 Piece Set)
Koozie Vino Hug Neo - Dots
Ice Bag Collapsible Wine Cooler Bag, Pink
Celebration Seven Bottle Double Wall Cooler With Lid
Colossus 8-Bottle Clear Acrylic Oval Bucket
Koozie Vino Hug Neo - Stripes
Boozie Floozie Neoprene Beer Bottle Coozie
Double Wall Stainless Steel Champagne or Wine Bottles Cooler
Koozie Vino Hug Neo - Royal Blue
Lavender Lace Neoprene Wine Bottle Koozie
Neoprene Insulating Wine Glass Hug, Good Wine
Neoprene Insulating Wine Glass Hug, Why Limit Happy Hour
Personalized Rustic Wood Wine Trough Wedding Gift
Tall Tuscan Terra Cotta Wine Bottle Cooler
Carded Vino Hug, Teal
Convex Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Chiller
Corkcicle ONE Wine Chiller, Pourer and Aerator
Double-Wall Giant 12 Bottle Cooler
Ho! Ho! Ho! Wine Glass Hug
Ice Bag Collapsible Wine Cooler Bag, Blue Lagoon
Koozie Vino Hug Neo - Black
Koozie Vino Hug Neo - Red
Koozie Vino Hug Neo - Spring Green
Neoprene Insulating Wine Glass Hug, Dinner is Poured
Old Kentucky Home Hammered Copper Ice Bucket
Single Bottle Bubble Freeze Assortment (set of 4)
Six Bottle Italian Party Bucket
Top Hat Ice Bucket
Vino Hug Neo - Orange Wine Glass Koozie
Wooden Personalized Wine & Beverage Trough Cooler
"Wine More, Bark Less" Neoprene Wine Bottle Epicool, 10-Inch
#Pound It Silicone Ice Cube Tray Zoo
5 qt. Ice Bucket
6 qt. Ice Bucket
Age Gets Better with Wine Woozie
AllTemp Deluxe Digital Wine / Food Thermometer With Clip
AllTemp Select Infrared Wine and Food Thermometer
Aluminum Wine Bottle Chiller Bucket, Flared
Anchor Ice Cube Tray
Anchor Neoprene Beer Bottle Coozie
Ascot Double Wall Stainless Steel Bottle Coaster
Banquet Double Wall Oval Party Tub, Heavy Duty
Big Red Galvanized Beverage Chiller Tub
Black Champagne Chiller Bag
Boozie Floozie Neoprene Can Coozie
Boozie Floozie Neoprene Wine Bottle Coozie
Bottle Bubble Freeze: Ice Tote
Carded Vino Hug Neo, Black & White
Carded Vino Hug Neo, Horizontal Stripes
Champagne Cork Cooler
CHILL Infusion Carafe by HOST
Colossal: Ice Cube Tray
Colossal: Ice Cube Tray
Cork Wine Cooler

Select from a wide variety of stainless steel and other heavy-duty cooling tubs perfect for outdoor and indoor gatherings. Simply fill with ice, add your bottles, and wine will stay frosty cold all day long. Each bowl or bucket style piece is crafted for optimal insulation, and you can even opt for a chiller with handles for portable convenience. If you know you’re always on the go, check out our innovative selection of wine chiller bags, which let you grab a bottle and keep it icy in transit. For serious oenophiles, the collection includes winery grade chiller units that can handle cooling of your entire cellar. But as a simpler solution, wine enthusiasts can also shop a range of small gifts and accessories for practical, everyday chilling. Check out our fun but always sophisticated single bottle or glass koozies, and a unique personalized carafe or bucket makes a divine gift idea for all occasions. You’ll find all this and more—in the Champagne Buckets & Cooling Gifts Collection.


Do you have an upcoming birthday, wedding, anniversary, engagement party, or other milestone event? Wine always infuses a bit of sophistication, and what better way to satisfy guests than to cool their beverages at the ideal temperature. If you’re not entertaining a crowd at a party, why not shop the collection for gift ideas? Pick up a few adorable personalized wine glass koozies as a gift for your bridesmaids. As your ladies assemble for the big day, they’ll absolutely love their thoughtful, classy chiller. And what about the gift for the father or grandfather who has everything? If you’re looking for that one “big� gift that’ll have him floored, peruse the collection’s amazing cellar chilling systems. No matter your refrigerating need, the Wine Buckets & Cooling Gifts Collection has it all.