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Sommeliers and oenophiles agree that the wine drinking experience is greatly impacted by the liquid’s temperature. Whether you’re enjoying a crisp, cool white on a summer day or a bold red on a winter’s night, temperature control is imperative to bringing out the perfect flavor, texture, and intensity of certain varieties. So for those who are serious about their vino, a quality wine thermometer is an essential addition to your bar accessories. While consistency and accuracy are the hallmark of each device, the Wine Thermometer Collection offers diverse styles and technologies sure to impress even the most particular wine enthusiasts.

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AllTemp Deluxe Digital Wine / Food Thermometer With Clip
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SKU#: SKU3095
AllTemp Select Infrared Wine and Food Thermometer
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SKU#: 2125
Wine Collar Thermometer with LCD Temperature Indicator
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SKU#: SKU8238

Most wine fridges deliver a proper Celsius or Fahrenheit reading, but that only reflects its interior chamber. The minute you remove a precious bottle from its slot, your liquid’s temperature slowly—or quickly—alters depending on its environment. With an individual wine thermometer, drinkers can monitor the activity of their red or white in real time. Browse our selection of collar-style thermometers, which easily wrap around the body of a bottle to deliver a precise reading. Or, perhaps you’ll really enjoy a tech-savvy style. The collection features readers with innovative infrared technology. Simply clip the thermometer to the outside of the bottle, and the digital display allows you to observe changing temperature or set an alarm. You’ll never forget about your waiting bottle again. Finally, check out a number of devices in gorgeous silver casted metal and other quality, durable materials. Drinkers can even use these multipurpose gadgets in other ways, taking them from the bar to kitchen to check food heat. Every thermometer reads a maximum range of temperatures unmatched by any other maker in the industry. Accept only the best—shop the Wine Thermometer Collection.


Picture this. The in-laws are over, and you’ve decided to entertain them by popping open the cork of the finest bottle in your cellar. Dinner is on the stove, and as everyone catches up, you want to ensure the perfect sipping experience. You slip away for a moment and set a timer on your new digital wine thermometer. Supper is plated, but before you start to worry—beep! Your trusty gadget indicates its ideal chill, and everyone toasts your impressive accessory. Now isn’t that a flawless feature? A piece from our Wine Thermometer Collection is a bar essential, but it also makes a wonderful gift. Come back soon to see our growing offerings!