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Wine Chiller and Buckets

It's never fun when you sit down to enjoy a glass of champagne or wine only to find it isn't well chilled. An even worse scenario is serving warm champagne to your guests. While this isn't an issue when you can take the bottle right from your wine cellar or cooler, it can be if you are traveling or leaving a bottle out as you entertain guests throughout the evening. No matter what the event, champagne and wine cooling accessories can help make it a memorable one.

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Menu Disposable Beverage Wine Bags and Baggy Winecoat
Monogrammed Crystal Ice Bucket
Monogrammed Stamford Crystal Ice Bucket
Monterey Jumbo Oval Acrylic Cooler
Oeno Ice Chill Bag
Optic Crystal Ice Bucket with Medallion II Pattern
Palisade: Wine or Champagne Chiller
Paws Dog Cork Holder
Personalized Black Marble Chateau Champagne Bottle Chiller
Personalized Black Marble Chateau Wine Cooler
Personalized Gray and White Marble Champagne Bottle Chiller
Personalized Gray and White Marble Wine Cooler
Personalized Silver Plated Gadroon Wine Cooler
Personalized Stainless Steel Multi Bottle Chiller
Personalized Terra Cotta Wine Cooler
Peugeot Temperature Balancing Wine Bucket
Plastic Party Bucket for 4 Bottles
Plastic Party Bucket, 2 Bottle
Portage Deluxe Portable Acrylic Wine Chiller
Rabbit Wine Chilling Carafe Blue Special Edition
Ravi Instant Red Wine Chiller
Reclaimed Metal Barrel Deer Planter or Wine Cooler
Regal Oval Stainless Steel Wine or Champagne Cooler
Regale Double Wall Wine Cooler with Brushed Stainless Steel Rim
Royal Wine & Champagne Stainless Steel Chiller
Sand Dollar Etched Ice Bucket
Simon Crystal Collection Personalized Ice Bucket
Sleek Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Chiller
Stainless Steel Champagne Bucket with Stand
Swirl Acrylic Ice Bucket - Blue
Swirl Acrylic Ice Bucket - Pink
Swirl Acrylic Ice Bucket - Purple
Swirl Acrylic Ice Bucket- Green
Tilted Wine Decanter with Ice Pocket
Triomphe Wine Cooler 18/10 Stainless Steel
Tuscany Wine Chiller
Vendome Premium Double Wall Stainless Steel Wine Cooler
Vino Bottle Cooler, Clear Acrylic
Viski Hammered Metal Wine Chiller Ice Bucket with Handles
White Wine Decanter with Ice Pocket
Wine Barrel Ice Chest
Wine Pearls is Fake Ice for Your Wine
Wood Trough Wine Chiller with Single Initial

Even if you prefer smaller accessories to cool your wine or champagne, it's not a problem. Choose from coolers, available in a range of varieties, that slide inside the bottle to maintain temperature. Whether you prefer a classic or more eclectic design, a champagne chiller sleeve is another way to keep a bottle cool. Sleeves fit all sizes, chill bottles quickly, and can be wrapped tightly around a bottle to keep it cool for hours.


With the all the stylish champagne cooling accessories available, there is no reason not to offer perfectly chilled wine or champagne at your parties and gatherings. Hand a friend a bottle in a colorful and fun chiller sleeve. Or, carry drinks out to the fire pit using a party tub cooler. If you need to cool champagne on the go, use a bag that holds ice and water to preserve the flavor of the wine. You even give a friend a gift of champagne presented in a cooler bag or ice bag carrier.