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Corkscrews, Bottle Openers, Foil Cutters

You lean across your granite countertop and grab your favorite bottle of red wine, and with it in hand, you stroll over to the drawer with all of your handy bottle openers and other wine accessories. You swing the drawer open, grinning at the wine opener that sits at the top of the assorted items; it reminds you of a fond memory. It brings you back to a few weeks ago, the night you had a few friends over for a wine and steak party. Everyone ate delicious New York strip steak, twice-baked potatoes, grilled veggies, and of course, they brought their favorite wine selections. There was a little bit of everything, so you tried it all.

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The Original Rabbit Corkscrew Silver
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: 335
The Zippity Corkscrew and Rabbit Metrokane Wine Tool Kit
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: SKU7018
Timber Wooden Double Hinged Corkscrew
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: TF-3177
Twister Black Easy Turn Corkscrew
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: TF-0436
Vertical Rabbit Wine Opener & Foil Cutter
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: 336
Vino Drill: Electric Battery Corkscrew
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: TF-0313
Vinomatico Rechargeable Corkscrew
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: SKU5562
Vintage Style Chateau Wine Corkscrew
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: 3167
Virtuoso Lever Corkscrew Set
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: 2378A
Waiter's Corkscrew Bamboo Gift Box with Window Lid, Personalized
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: F981
Waiter's Corkscrew Bamboo Slider Gift Box, Personalized
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: F9080
Waiter's Corkscrew by HOST
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: TF-3306
Waiter's Corkscrew Gift Box with Matte Black Finish, Personalized
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: F9085B
Waiter's Style Promotional Chrome Corkscrews (set of 72)
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: O7213
Waiter's Style Promotional Corkscrews (set of 72)
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: O7211
William Morris Pewter Foil Cutter
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: SKU9229
Wine Bottle Neck Hanger Pouch (set of 24)
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: F9012
Wine Bottle Rechargeable Electric Corkscrew
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: F4006
Winged Corkscrew by HOST
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: TF-3317
Wood and Stainless Steel Fish Corkscrew by Foster and Rye
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: TF-5278
Wrench: Corkscrew and Foil Cutter
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: TF-3038

You grab the foil cutter and remove the foil from the neck of the bottle, thinking again about the dinner. You need to plan one of those again; and besides, everyone keeps asking you to invite them over again. Your favorite wine was almost more of a hit than your steak, and that's saying something. You pluck the corkscrew bottle opener out of the drawer, place it in the cork, and twist the handle. After a tug the cork easily pops out, and you sigh happily because that sound means you're finally going to get a chance to relax after a long day at work. Finally. Strolling to the cupboard on the far side of the kitchen, you ease open the cupboard, take a wine glass out, and pour. Yep, it's finally time to relax.