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Tags and Charms

Imagine this: you're throwing a party and you know you'll be serving up some wine for your guests. You've got everything planned, right down to the last detail—or so you thought! As your guests arrive and the wine starts flowing, you realize that your guests have no way of labeling their wine glasses so as to avoid confusion. This isn't a red Solo cup party, after all, so you can't very well bust out some permanent markers! As your guests mingle, they set their wine glasses down, and when it comes time to pick them back up for a drink, they can't remember whose is whose! What an awkward situation to find oneself in! Fortunately, this kind of party foul can be easily avoided with cute and practical wine charms and bottle tags.

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A wine glass charm is a small, decorative charm that can be easily placed around the stem of a wine glass. These beverage markers come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs and each charm is different. The end result is that your guests can easily "label" their wine glasses with a unique charm, allowing them to easily keep track of their wine glass throughout the night—regardless of how many guests are there or how many times they set down and pick up their glass. In addition to wine glass charms, you may also want to consider picking up some fun bottle tags, which can be draped around the neck of a wine bottle to indicate the type of wine being served. This is a convenient idea for parties where you're serving multiple types of wine and want you (or your guests) to be able to easily distinguish which bottle is which. Not to mention, they make for a cute decoration as well! You can even purchase blank wine bottle tags, which you can write on yourself with marker or chalk. This is a perfect option for those who like to mix up their wine servings and want to be able to re-use their tags for many special events to come!