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Groomsmen Gifts

Playing the part of the committed groomsman means hundreds of dollars spent on costly formal wear, extravagant bachelor festivities, and the like. It also means endless hours devoted to honoring the happy husband-to-be. When it's time to show your gratitude, don’t settle for a tired gift with no thought or flair. Why not whisk-ey them off their feet? The Groomsmen Gifts collection offers a diverse variety of quintessentially masculine keepsakes sure to have your bridal party raising their glasses in a heartfelt toast to the lovely couple. Don't waste time and energy searching through stores for the perfect groomsmen gift. The truth is--you won't find it. If you're seeking a truly unique, never-before-seen token of your thanks, consider a special piece from our entire line of personalized drinkware, stemware, flasks, whiskey barrels, cigar accessories, and beyond.

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Royce Leather Double Cigar case in Genuine Leather
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SKU#: 9586
Squire's Flask Set Stainless Steel 4.5 oz
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: SKU6242
Stainless Steel Barrel Captive-Top Flask, 6 oz
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: 8112
Stainless Steel Leather Flask - Engraved
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: SKU1036
Who Cares Novelty Wine Glasses (set of 2)
(0 reviews)  
SKU#: WV386
Yellow Three Cigar Holder
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SKU#: BB2541

Your wedding wing men will love a sophisticated monogrammed beer or wine glass set, or perhaps the dashing gentlemen would prefer a rustic whiskey barrel keepsake. A sneaky pocket flask makes a fun, playful touch for the big day, and our groomsmen line offers a huge variety with personalized engraving. For a classic surprise with a modern twist, present each chap with an elegant scotch tumbler, decanter, or customized craft beer glass set. No matter if you’re seeking an elegant, lifelong memento or a cheeky but unique present, we’ve got you covered. Imagine presenting your best buds with a quality cigar case and discreet monogrammed flask on the night of the bachelor party. The debonair group will hit the town in style, flaunting their timeless accessories all while enjoying the personalized touch only the Unique Groomsmen Gifts collection can deliver. The entire line of sundry treasures promises the ideal wedding party gift solution, and what’s more, you can ensure that every glass, stainless steel, or fine wood item is of the utmost integrity and quality craftsmanship. Do more than thank your friends for their sacrifice. In the whiskey spirit of the occasion, tell them how “neat� they really are.