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The holidays swing by each year with festivity and dilemmas. The joys of decorating, hosting friends and family, baking and cooking are accompanied by the anxiety about finding the suitable present for the special people in your life. Wine journals and accessories make not just great holiday gifts for the adults on your list, but they also make a delightful gift any time of the year. What's more, they can be used all year by the recipient unlike some gifts that are boxed away as soon as the holidays, fun and frolic are over.
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Wine Tasting Pocket Journal
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Burgundy Wine Notes Journal
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SKU#: 141
DeLongs's Wine Tasting Notebook Hard Bound
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Wine Label Removers, 50 Pack of Label Lifts
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SKU#: 170
Handmade Italian Leather Wine Log
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SKU#: SKU1720
A Glass of White Wine Recipe Cards
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Beer Tasting Field Notebook
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SKU#: TF3877
Contemporary Cocktail Party Journal
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SKU#: SKU1575
Custom Wine Passport W/ Cork Cover (set of 70)
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Customized Wine Tasting Notebooks (set of 25)
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DeLongs's Wine Tasting Notebook Soft Bound
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Florence Art Journal
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SKU#: w310
Franciscan Latch Journal
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SKU#: E405B
Grapes on the Vine Journal
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Italian Leather Address Book
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Label Lift Wine Label Removers (set of 10)
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Leather Wine Tasting Journal and Label Savers
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SKU#: WE580
Monastic Journal
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Things to Do Before I Die Journal
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SKU#: SKU4564
Venice Art Journal
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SKU#: W311
Vintage Wine Journal
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SKU#: P915
Wine and Food Matching Guide / Booklet
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SKU#: SKU6740
Wine Dossier
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SKU#: SKU4586
Wine Dossier Cellar Notes, 20 Sheet Refill
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SKU#: 2135
Wine Dossier Tasting Notes, 48 Sheet Refill
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SKU#: 2136
Wine Dossier Trip Diary, 20 Sheet Refill
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SKU#: 2137
Wine Journal Book Padua Style
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SKU#: F907B
Wine Label Journal with 10 Label Lift Removers
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SKU#: 100146
Wine Label Removers (25 Pack of Label Lifts)
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SKU#: 2140
Wine Passport Journal with Cork Cover
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SKU#: 100176
Wine Tasting Journal and Label Album
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SKU#: SKU3964
Woven Metal Pen, Engraved
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SKU#: SKU1635

Making memories and keeping a wine journal of your favorite vineyard discoveries is a snap and a joy with exclusively created wine journals. Carry a pocket journal to your next wine party or vineyard visit and log in the notes and flavors of the wines you taste. Easy to record the little details you may otherwise forget, these journals provide the template you need. A beautifully-bound and illustrated wine journal keeps your wine journeys and experiences all in one place so you can retrieve that memory about the wine you had on your honeymoon or on vacation in a wine-producing country, or maybe that robust encounter with an unusual blend of notes and tannins you found in a bottle of wine you drank at a restaurant. Want to save a wine label from a bottle as keepsake? Get a set of wine label removers to save yourself frustration and labor by getting them off the bottle with ease. Write your notes on it and save it in the journal. Even your friends will appreciate a gift of those!


Wine lovers know the complexity of wine. You know when you discover a new wine you love and would like to order it again at a future time. Sometimes, wine is associated with special people, milestones and events in your life. Preserve all of those in your own personal journal to savor when the wine is gone.