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Wine is a way of life. There?s no way to separate our appreciation for a good red or white, as it?s an integral part of the wine-loving lifestyle. That?s why vino enthusiasts love incorporating elements of the hobby into their home d?cor. From quaint storage pieces to grand display cases, there are so many options for safely stowing as well as showing off your current collection. If you?re not quite ready for a cellar but still want to showcase your bottles, opt for a pretty piece from the Bar Racks collection. The vast selection offers storage units both small and large to fit every diverse space in your home.
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Rolling Wine Bar Cart with Removable Serving Tray
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SKU#: 8RWC004
Browse the collection's many offerings including portable rolling trays and stationary racks with plenty of integrated storage. Beyond your cherished wine bottles, you'll find furnishings designed to safely keep your glassware, serving accessories, openers, and beyond. From wheeled serving carts to mounted wall bars, shoppers are sure to discover just the right piece to fit their existing kitchen, dining room, patio, family room, or other entertaining space. Behold a number of stunning wood options made with the finest materials and craftsmanship in the world, including those with reclaimed wine barrel parts. Much more than a mere kitchen cart, many of the collection's moving racks are designed with wine in mind. They offer multiple rows of built-in storage for a fairly large bottle collection, in addition to other convenient nooks and crannies for your various sipping supplies. No matter your need, you'll find it all, and so much more.Do you ever wish you had a dedicated bar space in your home? If you and your spouse find yourselves entertaining guests often, why not bring the bar with you? A quality crafted rolling bar rack offers a helpful surface for any occasion. The piece conveniently moves about your home from the kitchen where you prep to the sitting room where you pour. Imagine greeting your guests by rolling up with a selection of your finest wines. As if you were at a professional tasting, you allow them to pick their ideal white or red. This unique touch adds a bit of whimsy but also elegance to any home decor setup.