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Wine Jails

When you can't build your own cellar, a wine jail is a tasteful piece of furniture for any home. Whether you're a wine connoisseur or an avid entertainer, you can enjoy the esthetic look of the intricate metal work and design. A wine rack like this fits perfectly in your kitchen, dining room or living room. Show off your collection as you open up several bottles for wine tastings. Enjoy rich, velvety wines near this focal point as you chat about the varietal, nose and bouquet of the brand.

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96 Bottle Antiqued Steel and Wooden Accent Wine Jail
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Personalized 96 Bottle Antiqued Steel Wine Jail Wine Rack
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Renaissance Wrought Iron Wine Jail
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SKU#: SKU3096
96 Bottle Antiqued Steel Wine Jail
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SKU#: 96WJ
Wrought Iron Wine Jail
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Wine jails allow you to keep the wine stored correctly on its side. This helps keep the cork intact so the wine isn't ruined through oxidization. A wine jail also allows your wine to stay isolated from strong smells which may occur in other parts of the house. There are a variety of choices so you can find a style that works with the rest of the decor in your home. They truly do 'jail' the wine so there's a door which you can swing open as an added flourish to the ceremony of making a selection after a long day or for a group of your friends. Stack wine crates next to the jail for a chic touch. Just make sure you keep it away from windows as excess light will spoil the wine!