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Standing Wine Racks and Floor Wine Racks

Standing wine racks are great for wine enthusiasts and people who love to entertain. A beautiful standing wine rack is like a status symbol for your home. Most wine collectors place their floor wine racks in the kitchen or dining area. However, a wine rack can be placed anywhere in your home that provides a moderate temperature and does not have a light directly above it.


Free standing wine racks will also allow your wine to finish maturing. This is very important if you are a wine collector. As a collector you already know that wine must be stored on its side to maintain its flavor while it finishes the maturing process. A wine rack also provides some protection for your wine, it keeps it from being bumped into, which jars the wine and can ultimately disturb the flavor, if bumped into to many times. If you have children in your home, you will want to keep the wine rack in a low traveled area of the home for this purpose as well as pick out a wine jail with a locking gate.

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Wine Barrel Riddling Rack
Wine Butler Wrought Iron Wine Rack
Wine or Cigar Lockers
Wrought Iron Wine Jail

If you are the hostess with the mostest, then a standing wine rack is a mandatory item in your home. An entertainer would never store their wine in the refrigerator. Wine should be served at slightly below room temperature starting at about 65 degrees F and as low as 45 degrees F red wines can be served at a warmer temperature than white wines. As an entertainer you want your wine to be the perfect temperature for your guests when they arrive. If you’re running behind you can place the bottle of wine in an ice bucket filled with ice and a few tablespoons of salt for a quick chilling period.


There are so many different styles and sizes of standing wine racks to choose from, be sure to select a rack that will of course, hold the correct amount of wine you normally have on display and one that makes your personality stand out.