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You've been saving that bottle of wine for just the right occasion, some special moment deserving on a special beverage. But it turns out that the right occasion requires a flight with a connecting stop in Atlanta. With the current TSA regulations against having more than three ounces of liquid in your carry on, how do you get that magnificent bottle ? or bottles ? to that special date in a far away land? You could stash them in your checked baggage, surround them with sweaters and underwear and scarves and hope that some baggage handler doesn't pitch the bag onto the concrete wrong. Nobody wants to show up on their magical getaway with clothes soaked in expensive wine.


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WineCruzer 12 Bottle Wine Suitcase with Wheels
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SKU#: 12PK
Wine Cruzer 8 Pack Pro Wine Suitcase With Wheels
(1 reviews)  
Classic 8 Bottle Wine Suitcase With Wheels
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(0 reviews)  
SKU#: 24PK
4 Bottle Wine Luggage Carrier by WineCruzer
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WineCruzer 6 Bottle Wine Suitcase with Wheels
(0 reviews)  
Decanter 5 Pack Wine Suitcase With Wheels
(0 reviews)  
Ultimate Wine Suitcase 2 Bottle Wine Carrier
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WineCruzer Ultimate 4 Bottle Wine Suitcase With Wheels
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For these situations, WineCruzer has the solution with their hard case wine carriers. These airplane wine travel cases allow the mobile wine aficionado to take their finest vintage through the security checkpoint without running afoul of the TSA. It's like an armored car for for your wine, protection for the bottles you want to take with you. Choose from multiple sizes and styles, so you can secure as little as two bottles or as many as a dozen. All cases come with a hard case on the outside and extensive padding on the inside. Secure that bottle you've been saving with air and water tight lids plus a metal padlock. You can drop your wine at the check-in desk and not worry about prying fingers filching your finest wines. When you arrive at your destination, head over to baggage claim without worry. You've got a wine carrier on your side.