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Patrons who ?know? their wine understand the complex conditions in which a red or white should be stored. Maintaining the perfect temperature, humidity, light, and other factors can be detrimental to preserving the integrity of your favorite bottle. So, when you're running a high volume restaurant or find yourself with a huge assortment at home, what's a sommelier to do? Invest in an incredible storing solution with an innovative WineKeeper Wine Preservation System. Each model delivers on both form and function, helping you preserve, pour, and even display your precious cellar collection. Select from a diverse range of single to multiple bottle systems that can accommodate nearly every space imaginable.


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WineKeeper produces a number of stunning, sophisticated refrigerated preservation models that are ideal for bars and lounges. They' &re also the industry' &s most powerful and effective. If you want an elegant look but still want first-class treatment for your reds and whites, then browse our selection of solid wood creations that' &ll complement every d?cor. More importantly, each unit gives you the ideal storing method with built-in wine taps, siphoning tubes, two-stage regulators, lights, thermometers, and beyond. Hinged doors with insulated glass also let guests sneak a peak at your impressive wine variety. If you desire something simpler, WineKeeper also specializes in easy tabletop preservation models. Try out their technology with a residential model that lets you pour a restaurant-quality glass straight from the counter. No matter your preference, you're guaranteed three things: absolute style, a perfect pour, and the best wine preservation on the market.

Have you wanted to spruce up your home bar lately? Maybe you' &re in search of that one conversation piece that you' &d love to show off to your guests. Well, a WineKeeper Wine Preservation System is the obvious answer. Imagine the look on family and friends' & faces when you offer them the option a Pinot? Chardonnay? Merlot? Cabernet? Guests will love pouring their favorite variety from a professional tap system. They' &ll think they' &re in the heart of Sonoma.